Khyberia SRD

Back in January, the (admittedly small) world of TTRPG writers and designers was rocked by the news that Wizards of the Coast had plans to revoke the Open Gaming License, the foundation for much of the hobby’s smaller creators for the past two decades. WotC eventually relented (you can read Lin Codega’s reporting for the details), not only promising they wouldn’t revoke the OGL, but also releasing the core D&D rules, the 5th edition System Reference Document (or SRD) under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.

Pardon the acronym soup, but it’s essential for the point I’m getting to (and let’s be honest, if you’re reading this blog, you probably knew those already).

While I love that the 5e rules are now available under Creative Commons, some of my favorite monsters are not part of the SRD (or even available using the OGL, for that matter). Having already spent plenty of time in the past few years making my own lore about chaotic frog folk, I wanted to keep writing about them regardless of where I want to publish or under which license. So, I went about creating my own stat blocks, and that snowballed into what I’m calling the Khyberia SRD.

These are 5e compatible rules and stat blocks I’m releasing under a CC-BY license, so you are free to use these in whatever project you like, free or commercial, all I’m asking for is credit and a link back here. I plan to add to this document over time, so if you like what’s there so far, you can check back for further updates.

Special thanks to the Level Up: Advanced 5E project by EN Publishing, who are not only releasing their core content under a CC-BY license, but put together a handy guide on using Creative Commons for RPG projects, which I referenced extensively.

Khyberia SRD